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Herpes: você tem crises recorrentes? Procure um médico!


Procure um médico! Nas crises é importante consultar o médico dermatologista ou o infectologista para o tratamento adequado. O que devo fazer? Talitha Boa noite!! Me ajude!. Foram 3 crises seguidas num período de 8 meses. Posso considerar isso como herpes?

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Cep: Caixa-postal: Professor associado da UFSCar. Pesquisador do CNPq. Oeste paulista. Economia cafeeira. Relações interpessoais. ABSTRACT According to the historiography about the end of slavery, the social ties constituted while still in captivity were essential to those liberated in the construction of a trajectory leading from slavery to liberty. Through the close-reading of two police reports of the era, one can perceive that the moral codes which orient these sociabilities were re constructed, in part by the Afro-Brazillians, starting from the articulation of two lived experiences: the internal migration of slaves, which occurred during the final decades of slavery, and the process of redefinition of determined social hierarchies consolidated in the post-abolition era.

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Mas qual é o corpo desejado neste contexto? Abstract: Based on a cartography about men's use dating apps to find sexual and romantic partners, such as Grindr and Hornet, we sought to reflect on the imperative of images on websites and applications used among men to find partners online. We analyze historical transformations within the scope of technological development to think how these changes affect the search for love and sex in the current scenario. Contrary to the views that understood that the internet would have discorporating effects, in which the body would lose importance as criterion in the searches of partnerships, we noticed that the body not only matters, but has become central as selection criterion in the online searches. But what is the desired body in this context?